Most of our massage and facial treatments are suitable for men and women however, we have put together a list of treatments that are favourites with men.

Facial Treatments

Decléor Express Energy Treatment

An express facial treatment, for a burst of energy to the skin.

30 mins – £30.00

Decléor Intense Energising Face Treatment

The ultimate detoxifying treatment for a clear, pure, fresh skin and a rebalanced, de-stressed complexion, with long-lasting results

75 mins – £55.00

Crystal Clear The Skin Treatment For Men

Special treatment is essential when treating male skin. Daily shaving can strip the skin from natural oils, leading to dryness sensitivity and premature ageing. The facial soothes and nourishes the skin leaving a smoother and more supple texture.

40 mins – £60.00

Body Treatments

Indian Head Massage

This treatment helps to promote physiological and psychological wellbeing, improving hair condition, helping eye strain headaches and insomnia.

30 mins – £35.00

Decléor Intensive Energising Body Treatment

A revitalising treatment for a pure sensation of energy and
deep relaxation

60 mins – £60.00 – or – 90 mins £70.00

Decléor Ultimate Relaxer Body Massage

A deeply relaxing massage treatment to de-stress, release built-in tension and coax skin into better condition. Pure aromatic balms diffuse their relaxing, stimulating, detoxifying or toning benefits deep into your skin whilst expert massage techniques soothe away muscular tension and stiffness.

60 mins – £60.00 – or – 90 mins £70.00

Decléor “Cleansing Back” Relief

The back is an area often neglected, this complete treatment acts like a facial. A unique diagnostic massage combined with deep cleansing as well as purifying and balancing Essential Oils decongest, hydrate and restore clarity to this delicate area, making the skin clearer, brighter and healthier.

45 mins – £40.00

Decléor Aroma “Back Relief” Massage

When stress and tension are at their peak this treatment offers a quick release. Vulnerable areas being back, neck and shoulders where tension immediately accumulates are instantly relaxed. Your stresses will be dissolved with deep massage and a stimulating aromatic mask with Essential Oils, for ultimate relief.

30 mins – £37.00

Crystal Clear Pro Active Acne Back Treatment

The unique treatment acts on reductor enzymes to reduce excess sebum. The active ingredients used to help reduce the inflammation and diminish bacteria to improve the acne condition.

60 mins – £45.00


Men’s Hand and Nail Grooming

LeRemedi Hand Treatment Programme to condition and smooth hands. Nails perfectly shaped. Cuticles conditioned and gently pushed back.

30-40mins – £22.00

Decleor Self Tan

A self-tanning treatment to give your skin a healthy glow all year round (includes exfoliation and moisturising).

60 mins – £35.00


Men’s Chest Wax – from £15.00
Men’s Back Wax – from £15.00