A semi-permanent tint using vegetable dye. (This treatment needs a patch test 24hrs prior to application.)



Keep eyes sparkling and slow the signs of time, stress and fatigue with this incredibly relaxing and targeted treatment. Eyes become clearer, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed shadows and puffiness are eliminated.

45 mins – £45.00

Lash Perfect is the UK market leading brand of semi-permanent eyelash extensions enhancing your own lashes with Lash Perfect will make them thicker and longer by attaching individual lashes to blend into your own natural lashes with a medical grade adhesive, resulting in beautiful light and comfortable lashes for any occasion.

Full Set £55.00
Half Set £35.00
Maintenance per 30 minutes £25.00
Lash Removal per 15 minutes £5.00

For every arch, every smile and even the occasional furrow, reveal the true beauty of each expression with brows tailored perfectly to you.

This bespoke eyebrow treatment begins with an in depth consultation, followed by measuring the perfect shape for you, tinting, waxing, shaping and finishing. Whether your eyebrows are in need of nurturing, refining or just a little TLC, Brow By Mii is the perfect treatment for you. Results will last 4-6 weeks. A skin test will be required 48hrs before the treatment.

45mins – £30.00